How To Apply For Wyoming SNAP Benefits

View the information below if you are interested in applying for a EBT card in Wyoming. It is important that you have all the documentation and information needed so the application process is not delayed. If you still have questions or issues about applying for food stamps, known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), then you can call the Wyoming SNAP hotline at 307-777-5846. The department that handles this program is called the Wyoming Department of Family Services.

The cornerstone of the federal food assistance program, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides crucial support to needy households and to those moving from welfare to work. SNAP benefits are distributed electronically through the Wyoming Card. SNAP supports better nutrition for low-income households.

Apply for Wyoming food stamps

To find out if you qualify for food stamps, use the online pre-screening tool. Do note, this is not an application, this tool simply determines if you qualify for the Wyoming SNAP program. You can download an application (English version - Spanish version), fill it out and submit it to your local DFS field office.

Wyoming SNAP income allotments and deductions

The maximum allowable gross and net income standards for determining eligibility of assistance units and the maximum allotments authorized appear below.

Assistance Unit Size 165% Poverty Maximum Gross Monthly Income Elderly/Disabled Maximum Gross Monthly Income 130% of Poverty Maximum Net Monthly Income 100% of Poverty Thrifty Food Plan Maximum Allotment
1 $1,634 $1,287 $990 $194
2 $2,203 $1,736 $1,335 $357
3 $2,772 $2,184 $1,680 $511
4 $3,342 $2,633 $2,025 $649
5 $3,911 $3,081 $2,370 $771
6 $4,480 $3,530 $2,715 $925
7 $5,051 $3,980 $3,061 $1,022
8 $5,623 $4,430 $3,408 $1,169
9 $6,195 $4,881 $3,755 $1,315
10 $6,767 $5,332 $4,102 $1,461
Each Additional Member +$572 +$451 +$347 +$146

The standard deduction is:

  • $157 for AU sizes of 1-3
  • $168 for AU size of 4
  • $197 for AU size of 5
  • $226 for AU sizes of 6 and above
  • The excess medical deduction is excess over $35
  • The maximum excess shelter cost for nonelderly/nondisabled assistance units is $517
  • The utilities only standard is $260. (two (2) utilities; not heating/cooling)
  • Wyoming's Standard Utility Allowance (SUA) is $380
  • The telephone only allowance is $58
  • The earned income deduction is 20%
  • The minimum monthly SNAP benefit for categorically eligible assistance units of one or two persons is $16
  • Mileage reimbursement rate = 54 cents per mile

Wyoming SNAP expedited services

An applicant may file an incomplete application immediately. If eligible, Wyoming SNAP benefits will begin with the filing date, which is the date the application is received at the SNAP benefit office. A SNAP application will be considered filed as long as it contains the applicant’s name, address, and the signature of a responsible household member or authorized representative.

An assistance unit may be eligible to receive SNAP Benefits within seven days if they meet the expedited rules. Otherwise, it could take up to 30 days. The applicant may qualify if he or she is:

  • A migrant or seasonal farm worker
  • Who is destitute and their liquid assets such as cash on hand
  • Checking or savings accounts do not exceed $100
  • Their monthly rent/mortgage and utilities are more than the assistance unit's gross monthly income and liquid assets
  • Their gross monthly income is less than $150, and the assistance unit's assets, such as cash or checking/savings accounts are $100 or less

SNAP benefits help buy food items. Benefits are provided from the date of application. The state must process applications for SNAP in accordance with SNAP procedures, including timeliness, notice, and fair hearing requirements regardless of whether the application is for SNAP and other programs. A household may not be denied SNAP benefits solely because it has been denied benefits from other programs.

The applicant has the right to know if the application was approved or denied and the reasons for the decision. Benefits must be available to eligible household members no later than 30 days from the date of the application. Paying for food purchased on credit with SNAP benefits is not allowed, doing so could result in disqualification. Do not lie or hide information or get benefits that your household should not get. Do not use SNAP benefits to buy nonfood items, such as alcohol or cigarettes, or to pay on credit accounts.

Purchasing a product with SNAP benefits with the intent of obtaining cash or consideration other than eligible food by reselling the product, and subsequently intentionally reselling the product purchased with SNAP benefits in exchange for cash or consideration other than for eligible food or intentionally purchasing products originally purchased with SNAP benefits in exchange for cash or consideration other than eligible food will lead to disqualification. Do not use, or have in your possession, EBT cards that are not yours and do not let someone else, besides your authorized representative, use your card. Do not trade or sell EBT cards, or use someone else's card.

If you still have questions or issues about applying for Wyoming food stamps, then contact Andrea Barker, SNAP Program Manager at 307-777-6313.